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New panel-

Dialogue no.1

Latest panel is inspired my experience in deep conversations over Zoom course. I'm taking a course of 'U theory' Learning from emerging future. 

Stepped out previous formation,  facing each other, starting a dialogue. 

Available for purchase.

Dialogue side (S).jpg

New  panel - Radiant Star no.1

I develop this panel during the Lockdown unconsciously, reach out for connection. Avairable for purchase.

detail of Moon Winds

Wind detail.JPG
Avairable for purchase.

WINTER Installation, the Glass House

Hydrosphere in Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh

Glass plants in pond2.jpg

Summer One week workshop

at the Bild-Werk Frauenau, Germany

Glass mixed media session: Spirit of Place

1st – 8th  Sep. 2018

This course will focus upon your own story, we shall explore a walk through the rich history of glass making and glass making family histories in Frauenau.

There is the forest, old factory, family graveyard and chapel to explore. We will find a location that can offer a potential narrative, where your personal experiences can be related. A distinctive point of story will be your focal point to create a glass piece. Looking through layered flat glass will give you ideas to explore the spirit of place, the final piece will be on stand, or hanging, or temporary specific locations of your choice. UV bonding and silicon will be used for construct glass.

The course is open to beginners to professionals, anybody who wants to re-discover your own stories.

Booking : 

or Phone: +49 (0) 9926/ 18 08 95

Japanese Glass Today 

13/01-2/04/2018, Glasmuseum Lette, Germany

New purchase, 'Listen to the Tree' has been purchased to Ernsting-Stiftung museum's permanent collection and 'Dawn no3' has been purchased to a private collection.

KOKORO -Japanese Glass Today

26/03/2017-8/10/2017, Glasmuseum

Frauenau, Germany

Viewing contemporary Japanese glass art practices. It was a good experience for me to involve this exhibition, presenting 12 Japanese artists from Japan, 5 artists in Europe that show the personal interpretation of Japanese aesthetic.

Keiko MUKAIDE, Listen to The Tree, Dawn no3 and My Family Tree.



Northlands Creative Glass 20th year anniversary commission

Main street in Lybster, 20th June to 3rd July

Keiko has created a series of new installations, commissioned for mark the twentieth anniversary of Northlands Creative Glass in Lybster, east Cattiness Scotland. 

'Arigatou' means thank you in Japanese, this is a celebration the relationships in the village residense and glass studio over 20 years. However own relationship also should be cerebrated, her idea of installation has been iniciated from experience of 'Dancing light' in Lybster 20 years ago. The 12 windows in the village high street had been displayed art works that have been inspired stories from her interview to local residence.

‘transFORM’ Keiko Mukaide, Nathalie Cortada, Simon Ward with David Henderson and Robert Mach

28th May to 25th July 2016 at Rotheshall, Fife Scotland


This exhibition draws together a group of 4 artists producing diverse work but with a shared underlying passion, their fascination with the human made world.

Highlighting the impact humanity has on our personal objects and how we can redeem them, upcycling and re-purposing in ways which are creative, poetic, practical and humorous.


Keiko's new piece called ‘My Family Tree’, Kimono shaped glass sheets that have been water jet cut and enamelled, and combined with a formation of coloured paper from old books.

'TransFORM', a group show
at Robert Gordon University


‘Through Glass’ Keiko Mukaide
23rd May to 5th July 2015
At Duff House in Banff Scotland

Invited to the theme of ‘Light’ in the Coast Festival 2015 (22nd to 24th May). The Duff House in Banff is a magnificent Georgian mansion that was commissioned by William Duff, Lord Braco, later 1st Earl Fife. Designed in 1735 by renowned Scottish architect William Adam, boasts superbly furnished rooms and a range of art treasures, including works from the National Galleries of Scotland’s collection.
She presented an essence (5m length) of ‘Light of the North’ from Tate St Ives in the long gallery with an integral component of Lighthouse Lens in the Long Gallery with others are dichroic glass panels inc. ‘Circle of Halo’ Created a celebration of Scottish clear light. 

The Lens on the show is being loaned by the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, Fraserburgh. The artist specially thanks their generous support.

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